The College Historical Society, the oldest undergraduate debating society in the world, has had a long and eventful history and still continues today as the centre of oratory and debate in Trinity College, Dublin.  The Society’s purpose is to promote and develop oratory and to provide an international forum for discourse and debate.

The Society’s rooms are located in the Graduates’ Memorial Building, at the heart of the University, and members old and new, as well as passers by, are invited to call in to experience the Society first hand.

The Society currently attracts over 2,000 new members each year, and has a strong network of honorary members, alumni and friends who have gone on to suceed in all spheres of life and yet continue to maintain an interest in the Hist’s activities.

This section of the website will inform you of all you need to know about the Society as it outlines the history of the Society, the present day facilities in the GMBthe role of committee members, presidents and vice-presidents past and present, and the meetings of the society.  You can also download a copy of the Laws of the Society, which detail the responsibilities of committee members and the functioning of the society as a whole, here.

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