The General Committee of the Society is composed of fifteen members: seven Officers (Auditor, Treasurer, Correspondence Secretary, Record Secretary, Censor, Librarian, Debates Convenor, and Events Convener) and fifteen Members of Committee (the Senior Member of Committee and fourteen other MCs). Each MC is assigned as a ‘pro’ to an Officer, with the SMC acting as pro-Auditor.

For the 246th session, the Committee is as follows:

The Auditor

The Auditor has the job of overseeing an active Committee throughout the year, as well as inviting guests and organising events. In the beginning of Trinity’s Hilary term, the Auditor gives a paper known as the Inaugural on a topic of their choosing and invites esteemed guests to respond.

This Session’s Auditor is Julia McCarthy, contactable at

Julia’s Pro is our SMC Sophie Fitzpatrick, contactable at

The Treasurer


The Treasurer looks after accounts and finance. This includes budgeting for events and dealing with our generous sponsors, as well as the more eclectic task of calling in fines owed to the Society.

The Treasurer for this Session is Luke Daly-Ronayne, contactable at

The Pro-Treasurer is Oisín McElhinney, contactable at

The Correspondence Secretary


The Correspondence Secretary – or CorrSec – is responsible for organising the Hist’s weekly chamber debates. This takes in everything from setting the motions for debate in conjunction with the Hist’s Clerks’ Committee, to inviting the guests and putting together the order paper.

This Session’s Correspondence Secretary is Annabel O’Rourke, contactable at

The Pro-Correspondence Secretaries are Ríona Morris, Grace Conway, and Paul Molloy , contactable at at



The Record Secretary


The Record Secretary, or RecSec, is tasked with organising our Maiden Speakers competition, typically the largest internal debating tournament in the university. Our RecSec also records the minutes of the Society and treats us to their comedy stylings every Wednesday evening.

The Record Secretary for this Session is Ronan Mac Giolla Rua, contactable at

The Pro-Record Secretaries are Caitilin McManus and Giordan Castellón, contactable at at



The Censor


The Censor is in charge of publicity, from making posters and managing our online presence to designing and writing our yearly magazine, The HistOracle. The Censor also runs weekly coffee mornings for people interested in getting involved in the Society, who then work together in Hilary Term to organise a debate.

This Session’s Censor is Ines Niarchos, contactable at

 The Pro-Censors are Imaan Bari and Anna Kylkilahti, contactable at

The Librarian


The Librarian organises Ireland’s largest debating tournament, the Leinster Schools competition. This involves being in touch with schools, organising rounds and setting the motions for debate. On top of this, our Librarian also manages the Hist’s library, which lends books to interested members.

The Librarian for this Session is Andrew Blennerhassett, contactable at

 The Pro-Librarians are Cahal Sweeney, Meg Beare, and Sean Connor, contactable at

The Debates Convenor


The Debates Convenor is in charge of the Hist’s debating record on the external circuit. This involves making sure our teams are registered at Inter-Varsity competitions around Ireland and the world, as well as frequently helping to organise travel and accommodation. The Debates Convenor also co-convenes Ireland’s largest Inter-Varsity tournament, the Trinity IV.

This Session’s DC is Stephen James Barr, contactable at

 The Pro-DCs are Catherine Prasifka and Alex Puiu, contactable at


The Events Convenor


The Events Convenor is a newly created position, they are in charge of organising Fresher’s Week events and events though out the year for the Hist; and for maintenance of the Society’s property, rooms, and keys.

This Session’s Events Convener is Olly Donnelly, contactable at

 The Pro-Events Convenor is Ciara Walsh, contactable at