So you’ve gone to a Wednesday night debate, done all your Maidens rounds, and even joined us for a night in Workman’s, but you’re still struggling to get to know people? Well then the R&L is the event for you! Held at 6.30pm every Wednesday, it offers an opportunity to mingle with Freshers and Committee alike.

“What does R&L stand for?”, I hear you ask. “And why is it called that?” Well. we know it stands for Records and Libraries, but after that, we’re as clueless as you. Like many things here at the Hist, its meaning has gotten lost over the past few hundred years. We do know what its for though!

The R&L is an event specifically for Freshers to get to know more about the society and the people in it. Run by the Record Secretary it features the perfect mix of free food and Hist gossip. Its also the perfect chance to use your new-found confidence to chat up that attractive debater you spotted in your maidens’ round.

While the R&L also grants you guaranteed entry to our debate that evening, the best part of all this, is that sometime after Christmas, we decide that you all have somehow become experienced enough to run a debate yourselves. So we hand over the reins to the Freshers to run your very own debate, organising everything from guests to the night out afterwards. Its one of the most fun nights of the year, and you get to say it was all down to you!