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The College Historial Society
The Graduates’ Memorial Buliding
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2




246th Session Committee Contact Details


Auditor: Julia McCarthy
For general queries and information


Treasurer: Luke Daly-Ronayne
For queries relating to sponsorship, donations, and funding


Correspondence Secretary: Annabel O’Rourke
For matters relating to guest speakers, Wednesday night debates, and other events


Record Secretary: Ronan Mac Giolla Rua
For the Maiden Speakers Competition, Honorary Members, and queries relating to the records and archives of the Society


Censor: Ines Niarchos
For the website, publicity, the HistOracle magazine, and new member involvement


Librarian: Andrew Blennerhassett
For queries about the Leinster Schools Competition, the GMB, and Society facilities


Debates Convenor: Stephan Barr
For matters to do with debating workshops, the Trinity IV, and all competitive debating


Events Convenor: Olly Donnelly
For matters to do with sponsorship, Fresher’s Week events, and events throughout the year to do with the Hist


The other members of the committee of the 246th Session are:
Lorna Staines (Senior Member of Committee); Oisín McElhinney (Pro-Treasurer); Ríona Morris, Grace Conway, and Paul Molloy (Pro-Corr. Secs.); Caitilin McManus and Giordan Castellón (Pro-Record Secretaries); Imaan Bari and Anna Kylkilahti (Pro-Censors); Cahal Sweeney, Meg Beare, and Sean Connor (Pro-Librarians); Catherine Prasifka and Alex Puiu (Pro-Debates Conveners); and Ciara Walsh (Pro-Events Convener).