If you would like any further information about the Society, or have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Society or a Member of Committee.

The College Historial Society
The Graduates’ Memorial Buliding
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2

Email: info@thehist.com


247th Session Committee Contact Details


Auditor: Ronan Mac Giolla Rua
For room bookings, general queries and information
Email: auditor@thehist.com

Treasurer: Paul Molloy
For queries relating to sponsorship, donations, and funding
Email: treasurer@thehist.com

Correspondence Secretary: Eamonn Sweeney
For matters relating to guest speakers, Wednesday night debates, and other events
Email: corrsec@thehist.com

Record Secretary: Meg Beare
For the Maiden Speakers Competition, Honorary Members, and queries relating to the records and archives of the Society
Email: recsec@thehist.com

Censor: Alex Puiu
For the website, publicity, the HistOracle magazine, and new member involvement
Email: censor@thehist.com

Librarian: Jack Kennedy
For queries about the Leinster Schools Competition, the GMB, and Society facilities
Email: librarian@thehist.com

Debates Convenor: Peter O’Donovan
For matters to do with debating workshops, the Trinity IV, and all competitive debating
Email: dc@thehist.com

Events Convenor: Catherine Prasifka
For matters to do with sponsorship, Fresher’s Week events, and events throughout the year to do with the Hist
Email: events@thehist.com

Senior Member of Committee: Dermot Davern
For queries relating to the upkeep of the GMB
Email: smc@thehist.com

Equity Officer: Riona Morris
For all equity related concerns
Email: equity@thehist.com