The latest news from the College Historical Society.

Catholic Church Debate with Sinéad O’Connor  

  On Wednesday 12th February 2014, the Hist held a debate on the motion that This House Believes the Catholic�read more

Equity Officer Applications  

The Hist is delighted to announce that applications are open for our first ever Equity Officer. The Equity Officer will�read more

The Hist Implements Measures to Combat Sexism  

Over the first weekend of February, several female Hist Committee members compiled their anecdotes of sexism and misogyny within the�read more

Debating Schedule for Hilary Term  

      Subject to change, whim, whimsy or Women’s Week being on different dates than previously supposed, this is�read more

The Henry Grattan Historical Motions Competition  

  ‘And when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody, huh? Because that’s not�read more

1916 Debate – 29th January 2014  

For 800 years (or something in that region), recording Hist debates has fallen by the wayside. We decided to mark�read more

Prostitution Debate – Week One at the Hist  

After a rollicking, popcorn-infused, candyfloss-coated rollercoaster ride of a Freshers’ Week, the Hist decided to chillax as only the Hist�read more

TCD Hist A: the Best Team in Europe  

We’re delighted to announce that the Hist now has hard evidence supporting a long-held conviction of ours: Hist A, Sally�read more

The Trinity Open 2013  

The upcoming European Debating Championships will be a gruelling enterprise. Tension will mount; nerves will bundle; slightly more sophisticated philosophical�read more

Richard Clarke Elected Vice-President of the Society  

      The society is delighted to announce the election of Richard Clarke, Archbishop of Armagh and ex-Records Secretary,�read more