Henry Grattan Historical Motions Competition


‘And when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody, huh? Because that’s not what Rome’s about. We should totally just stab Caesar!’
- A noted classicist, probably.


Do you sneer at the zeitgeist-surfers who simper over current affairs? Do you really like history? Do you really like debating? Do you kind of like history, kind of like debating, and harbour a certain curiosity as to how a cross-pollination between the two would turn out? Then this is the College Historical Society Henry Grattan Historical Motions Competition for you.


Every week, we’ll hold rounds where you debate a historical question from the perspective of an involved figure. Bringing up Hitler is discouraged, except in debates about Nazism, where it might be somewhat instrumental to doing well.


Past topics have included:

- This House is Socrates. This House would allow itself to escape execution by accepting the intervention of friends.
- This House is a supporter of the suffragette cause in 1912. This House would participate in the Women’s Social and Political Union’s (WSPU) militant campaigns as a means to secure the vote for women.
- This House Is the Government of the French Third Republic in the Summer of 1940. This House would seek an armistice with Nazi Germany.
- This House is the US Senate in 1919. This House would ratify the 18th Amendment, declaring a prohibition on Alcoholic beverages.
- This House is the Stormont Government of in 1971. This House Would order the internment of suspected IRA members.


Email any questions to henrygrattandebates@gmail.com, and join our Facebook event to keep updated on rounds as the competition progresses!