After a rollicking, popcorn-infused, candyfloss-coated rollercoaster ride of a Freshers’ Week, the Hist decided to chillax as only the Hist knows how: by not chillaxing at all. Instead, on October 25th, we held our weekly Wednesday Night Debate. This week’s examined the question of legalised prostitution.


TCD’s Assistant Professor in International Peace Studies Dr Gillian Wylie chaired the debate; guest speakers including Laura Lee, Thomas Pringle MP and a representative from the sex workers’ alliance Ireland.


You mightn’t be willing to take our word for it that the debate was good. In that (admittedly probable) event, these specimen speeches survive:




Laura Lee speaks in favour of the motion.





Thomas Pringle TD speaks against the motion.







The Hist’s Pro-Censor, Alex Trant, speaks in favour of the motion.




Join us next week for a debate on the future of the Irish Seanad!