The upcoming European Debating Championships will be a gruelling enterprise. Tension will mount; nerves will bundle; slightly more sophisticated philosophical arguments will be employed to counter slightly less sophisticated philosophical arguments.


Scary. But the Hist, as always, has your back.


This Saturday 10 August, we’ll be holding the Trinity Open, a debating competition designed to provide teams with vital preparation for the EUDC (and, indeed, for life). With four rounds and a break straight to the final, you’ll be well prepared to face the intensity of Euros. In fact, 25 per cent of the teams in last year’s EUDC final had attended the Trinity Open! Granted, the eventual winners were among the 75 per cent that hadn’t, but we’re sure that will change this year.


Your adjudicators will be just as formidable as your fellow competitors. With a vanguard composed of Chief Adjudicators Kate Oliver (a Euros Semi-Finalist, Worlds Octo-Finalist and multiple IV Finalist and Winner) and Eoghan Casey (a Euros Winner, Worlds Quarter-Finalist and multiple IV Finalist and Winner), ably assisted by everyone we could rope into it (viz. a lot of people), you’ll be judged about as scrupulously as you can expect in these buoyant pre-Armageddon times.


On a more practical note, we’ll a) charge you €40 to register if you’re coming from Ireland and €25 if you’re not, but b) furnish you with food and a top social regardless of your geographical origin. If this sounds like your cup of tea, please register here.


For the latest updates on the Trinity Open, join our Facebook event and/or follow us on Twitter! (We put the ‘and’ before the ‘or’ because it’s clearly the better option. More Trinity Open for you!)