This week The Hist hosts a topical debate on euthanasia, and the second of our Burke Discussion sessions on Heroes Through the Ages!



This House Believes in a Right to Die

Wednesday, 7:15pm, The GMB Chamber


As countries such as Belgium, Colombia and Switzerland offer legal euthanasia, we take a look at why they are doing so, and are they going far enough? Should life-ending drugs be available on demand to all, or is the only legitimate justification for ending a life the prevention of suffering? Is the mere threat of losing our very selves to Alzheimer’s or dementia enough to take pre-emptive action, or should we cling onto every last moment of life that we can?


Should human life be preserved at all costs? Or do we think that a person can become so damaged that it’s just not worth going on? In this debate, the Hist asks the difficult question as to whether a person should be able to choose their time to die and what might be a legitimate reason to end it all.


Lavish reception, as always, provided afterwards.


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Burke Discussion Session: Heroes Through the Ages

Wednesday, 1pm, The Conversation Room


The idea of what makes a hero is a hotly contested one, and runs straight through history from Achilles to Iron Man. What does it mean when a society chooses its heroes? Is there any real difference between a hero and a madman? Who would win in a fight, Batman or Captain America? All of these and more are going to be discussed at our Heroes panel. Come in cosplay and dazzle everyone with stories of the time you defeated an orc wizard in a particularly intense LARP session!


Speakers include: Sally Rooney, epic debater, and Rónán Burtenshaw, Editor of Trinity News!


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