This week, we’re hosting a debate on nationalism, as well as our annual Schools Mace competition!


This House Believes Nationalism is an Unfortunate Hangover From History

Wednesday, 7:15pm, The GMB Chamber


This week, the Hist delves deep into the structure of society as we ask if nationalism has a positive or negative effect on us and those around us. Does nationalism do more harm than good? Are the divisions that it creates worth putting up with for the sense of belonging and community that it brings? Or should we just abandon the concept of a nation in favour of something else? All these questions, and probably some cleverer ones will be answered on Wednesday night!


Followed by one of our generous receptions.



Hist Schools Mace

Friday and Saturday


Didn’t have enough debating banter last week? Or didn’t know the IV was on? Well, here’s your chance for more judging and running fun! The Schools Mace is run every year by The Hist, and is a really valuable chance for school kids to get some debating experience in an IV-type setting. But the best thing about the Mace is that The Hist can provide some of the best judges in the country for the competition.


And that’s where you come in – we need you to help us judge the competition! It’s good judging experience for you, and invaluable experience for the kids for whom this opportunity doesn’t come along often. And as Sally Rooney, winner of an awful lot of competitions, is CA, there’ll be some kick-ass motions to boot.


The competition begins on Friday morning, and runs through until Saturday evening. Come along and help out!