We hope you all had a good week back, and aren’t feeling too wrecked – because we’ve got a whole bunch of events on this week for you to enjoy, and to help out at!


This House Does Not Believe in Copyright

Wednesday, 7:15pm, The GMB Chamber


Should you be able to own an idea? Should artists be granted protection over their creative output, or should it be free for the world to spread and mould as they see fit? Should companies be able to protect their products, or should there be a competitive free-for-all when new inventions are introduced? These are just some of the questions that we’ll be addressing at this week’s debate.


Some of the top speakers that Trinity has to offer will be joined by Shane Wallace, Director at Deloitte, and Dr. Fiachra O’Brolchain, School of Ethics in DCU, to discuss whether patents or poisonous or if genius should be generic.


One of our trademark receptions will follow straight after the debate.


With thanks to our sponsors, Deloitte and Foresight.



Burke Discussion Session: Fear

Tuesday, 12 noon, The Conversation Room


What does it mean to be afraid? How does fear enter our lives, and what effect can it have on how we act and understand? That’s the topic of our first Burke Discussion Session, taking place this Tuesday.


Speakers include Dr. Norah Campbell, who will be discussing the use of fear in marketing, Eamonn Bell on changing approaches to representing and eliciting fear in music, and Jonathan McKeon discussing how fear affects the stock market.


Join us for the first of our Burke Discussion Sessions, kindly sponsored by Arthur Cox, this Tuesday at 12!




Trinity IV

Thursday to Saturday


It’s finally here: the biggest and best debating competition in Ireland takes place this weekend, and this year it’s even bigger than some of the highest profile UK competitions too. The Trinity IV is run jointly by the Hist and the Phil, and involves hundreds of debaters taking over the GMB, and some other parts of campus too, between Thursday and Saturday.


On Thursday, the Kingsmill Moore Invitational takes place, with some of the best teams around converging on the GMB for a chance at glory in this prestigious competition. The competition runs all day, with the grand final taking place on Thursday evening.


On Friday, the real party gets started, as over one hundred teams swoop down from all over the world for a weekend of debating banter. The IV takes place over two days, with the final happening on Saturday evening. As well as debates, there’ll be food and socials happening each night as well.


However, to make this competition a real success, your help is needed! We’re looking for volunteers to help out with judging, running, and other admin bits that will need to be sorted over the weekend. If you’re interested, join the volunteers Facebook group https://www . facebook . com/groups/323492771098280/, and come along on Friday. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lorcan, our Debates Convenor, at dc@thehist.com, or Oscar at prodc@thehist.com.


Kindly sponsored by Dillon Eustace.