Hello everyone! We hope you had a very enjoyable and peaceful holiday. Now though, we’re all back and ready to provide you with more events, guests, and entertainment than you can shake a mouse cursor at!


This Week at The Hist



- The Hist Goes to Frontline – 8:30pm, meeting at the GMB



  • DEBATE: This House Would Use its Sexuality to Get What it Wants – 7:15pm, The GMB



- Tea and Toast: 12-2pm, the Conversation Room


As well as that, we have information about the Trinity IV and Burke Discussion Sessions below as well, both coming up very soon!

And our pool and snooker rooms open up again this week, and as always there are discount rates for Hist members – just bring your Hist card with you!


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This House Would Use its Sexuality to Get What it Wants – Wednesday, 7:15pm


Are we wasting our time in the library? Would we do better to abandon our degrees, shorten our skirts, and use our bodies as leverage? If you’ve got it, should you flaunt it? And is doing so as legitimate as getting through life with hard earned achievements?


As always, the debate will be followed by a generous reception.*


*Generosity dependant on your ability to bat your eyelids.



Frontline – Monday, 8:30pm


Once again, The Hist is lucky enough to have been invited to this Monday’s Frontline show: ‘Politics – a dirty word?’


When does legitimate lobbying cross over to the offensive? Have we seen a coarsening of our public discourse? Or was it always thus and social media have just made very public a poison already there?


The programme is live at 10:35pm tonight and RTE ask those who are attending to arrive in RTÉ in Donnybrook at 9:20pm with photo identification. It will be finished at around 11:30pm. The usual sandwiches and coffee will be provided.


If you’re interested in coming along, email Hannah at auditor@thehist.com.



Tea & Toast – Friday, 12 – 2


Tea and toast returns this Friday at 12 for more fun and exciting tea- and toast- (and occasionally, champagne-) based mornings. We’re in the middle of organising our vigilantism debate that will be held in March, so if you’d like to get involved in the organisation and inviting guests for that, come along! It’s also a great way of getting to know people and getting involved in The Hist. What’s not to like?