This week, along with a trip to the Cork Intervarsity at the end of the week, we’re hosting our retribution and justice debate, with some cracking guests!


That This House Believes Retribution has no Place in Justice

Wednesday, 7:15pm, The GMB Chamber


Many of us associate the administration of justice with the use of iron bars. But can this truly be called just, or is it merely a brutal hangover from a draconian penal system?


Is it in any way moral to cage a fellow human being, and does locking away our problems benefit society or the offender? What is the role of imprisonment in our society – is it an effective form of rehabilitation, does it reduce crime or is such a method of punishment warranted at all. We discuss this oft-neglected issue this Wednesday at 7:15pm.


Chair: Michael McDowell, Former Minister for Justice

Senator Ivana Bacik, Reid Professor of Criminal Law

Dr. David Kenny, TCD Lecturer of Law


If you’re interested in seeing a particular topic being debated next term, send on your ideas to – we’d love to hear what you want to see!


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