This year’s Trinity Inter-Varsity was held between the 26-28 January, and was organised together by The Phil and The Hist.


The Kingsmill-Moore Invitation competition kicked off the weekend of debating on the Thursday, with three rounds held before a break to the final.  The final itself, on the motion That This House Would Go Nude, featured three Hist speakers: the team of Liam O’Neill and Emer Duffy, as well as Ian Curran who spoke with former Phil President Ruth Faller.  In a 3-2 split between the judges, the winners were the entirely Hist-composed team of Liam and Emer, so huge congratulations to them!


On the Friday and Saturday the Claire Stewart Memorial Inter-Varsity was held.  Featuring a staggering 90 teams from Ireland, the UK, Europe and the US, it was the largest IV ever held in Ireland.  There were five rounds held before a break to the quarter finals:


Round One: TTHW Never Disclose the Ethnicity of a Sperm/Egg Donor to the prospective parents


Round Two: TTHB That governments should only fund bailouts of other countries, if they gain approval to do so from their own electorates in a referendum


Round Three: TTHB That the US Should give south Korea Nuclear Weapons


Round Four: TTHB Feminist Groups should not campaign for abortion rights


Round Five: THBT The United states should pay reparations to it’s Muslim population for policies carried out in the aftermath of 9/11


Quarter-Final: THB that Boston College Should Release the IRA Tapes


Semi-Final: TH wishes that Barack Obama had faced a primary challenge


Final: TTHW Welcome the Downfall of Global Capitalism


The competition came to a dramatic close with a showdown between UCD L&H J, UCD L&H A, LI A and Edinburgh MN, with the team of UCD L&H J (Ruth Faller and Muireann O’Dwyer) taking the cup in the end.


You can view the full Speaker Tab and the Team Tab for the IV on the website following those links.


Supreme congratulations are also due to the convenors of the competition, Adam Noonan (Hist DC) and Dave Byrne (Phil DC) for their impeccable organisation and for carrying off such an impressive IV.