We were very disappointed last Wednesday to have to cancel the Maidens’ Final abruptly, due to a hasty decision by the College that afternoon to close everything down pending an improvement in the weather. We hope that you weren’t too badly inconvenienced, and look forward to seeing you next week, when things will hopefully have cleared up. The snow has precipitated a number of changes to our schedule of events, which as it stands is as follows:


Monday 6th December – Christmas Party
Decorating the Conversation Room from 5 p.m.; party with mulled wine and mince pies from 6.


Wednesday 8th December – A&L Goodbody Maidens’ Final followed by Maidens’ Ball in Lillies Bordello
The black tie extravaganza of oratory is resurrected this Wednesday, followed by a Christmassy reception and deplorable goings-on in the Maidens’ Ball.


Friday 10th December – Tea and Toast (and possibly mince pies)
As ever, join us in the Conversation Room from 11 till 1 for a cupan tae.


Tuesday 14th December – Fringe Festival Soapbox of our Discontent
Long time listener, first time caller? Come along at 2 p.m. for a vent session in the Conversation Room, with an actual box of soap for speakers to stand on while they deliver improvised rants on the state of the nation, inspired by a selection of red-top headlines, to put Liveline to shame. Part of the Trinity Fringe Festival.


Wednesday 15th December – That This House Believes In Small Government
We’ve moved our political philosophy debate back a week to allow for the rescheduled Maidens’ Final; the debate on the Travelling Community will take place in the next term.


If classes are on, these events will go ahead; if not, we’ll advise about cancellations. But as it stands, come along on Monday evening for some much needed Christmas cheer!